Photographs of voyage to Cambodia.

Photographs of a voyage to Cambodia (Kampuchea), Laotian border while following Main road 7 in Siem Reap, while passing by plantations of hévéas of north, villages of fishermen, Kratie or Kratcheh and the Irrawadi dolphins, then, according to Mekong, Kampong Cham to discover Wat Nokor and Skun there where you will be able to taste giant spiders. A visit of Phnom Penh, the capital, in full festival of the water Bom Om Touk whose joy slices with the horror of the visit to the museum of the Genocide (Tuol Sleng); continuation of the voyage by the royal palace, the museum and the temple Wat Preah Keo. And of a blow of wing, direction floating villages of the lake Tonle Sap and Siem Reap, with two steps of the site of Angkor.
Angkor site

Oxcart Nationale 7 CambodiaDolphin Irrawady Mekong KratiePeace in Wat Nokor - Kampong ChamWater festival Bom Om Touk Phnom Penh Bas-relief Wat Preah Keo Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh, Wat Phrah Keo